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Ichigo Hotel REIT


Specialized Hotel REIT Focused on Driving Shareholder Value via Income Stability and Earnings Growth

Ichigo Hotel REIT Investment Corporation (TSE: 3463) is a specialized hotel J-REIT, established with the mission of leveraging Ichigo Group’s deep value-add expertise and management know-how to increase hotel cash flows and grow the underlying asset value on behalf of our shareholders.

Our goal is to maximize shareholder value by investing primarily in high value-add assets essential to Japan’s infrastructure, as well as by managing such assets to secure both stable income and earnings growth over the long term.

We invest in hotels well positioned to benefit from the growing number of inbound tourists to Japan from overseas and other positive trends in the Japanese hotel business. We are currently prioritizing investments in lodging-focused hotels (as opposed to hotels which generate revenues from banquet halls, etc.) based on their income stability and ability to generate relatively steady revenue even in the event of adverse economic conditions.

In constructing a portfolio focused on income stability and the potential for income appreciation, we will take advantage of Ichigo Group’s broad network to source deals and implement a strategy of externally-generated growth. We plan to diversify the portfolio by targeting hotels that differ significantly by location, type, hotel rate structure, etc.

In the future, once income from the portfolio is sufficiently stabilized and the overall market timing is appropriate, we will shift our focus towards the acquisition of additional types of hotels such as resort hotels and full-service hotels where there is a larger potential for income growth.
Current Assets
(as of July 31, 2020)
Number of hotels
Total number of guest rooms
Total acquisition price
JPY 52 billion
July 2020 (Actual)
JPY 670
Jan 2021 (Forecast)
JPY 795
July 2021 (Forecast)
JPY 881